It is no secret that Canada is one of the top destinations in the world when immigrants are considering a new home. With far more opportunities for employment than any other country, coupled with a less stringent immigration policy, Canada has become the number one destination for thousands of immigrants looking for a brighter future. We represent immigrants from all over the globe seeking job opportunities, quality education and superior social security benefits. Let our firm welcome you to Canada and take care of all your immigration needs.

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Immigration to Canada is considered to be one of the best decisions that people can make in terms of economic and social prosperity, a better quality of life for the family and for the individual�s own personal growth. There are several great options for skilled, employed, self-employed, work-permit, students etc. Wage-levels are among the best in the world, and there are almost unlimited possibilities in the country�s expanding job market. Additionally, Canadian immigration requirements are relatively straightforward and simple compared to many other countries�. All these make the prospect of immigration very attractive to people from around the world.



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by N. Gill on Blank Business Name
N. Gill

“Thanks a lot to the lawyers at Singh Barristers for helping me and my family immigrate to Canada.  The staff was very professional and always kept in touch via email, text messages and telephone calls.  We always felt confident with this law firm which I can recommend to anyone seeking to immigrate to Canada.  They are tops.”

by GITHA J on Blank Business Name

“I successfully relocated from Gujarat to Canada and joined my husband, thanks to Singh Barristers.   We live in Brampton and we love this city as it has a lot of South Asians grocery stores and housing prices are very reasonable. Singh Barristers was caring and patiently answered all our questions about successfully immigrating to Canada which we now call our home.”

by Daniel Ramos on Blank Business Name
Daniel Ramos

“My family and I immigrated from South America. I cannot thank Singh Barristers for helping with my express entry visa.  They helped me every step of the way and today we are settled in Toronto because of them.”

by Yuvish Singh on Blank Business Name
Yuvish Singh

Great service, great law firm!

by rakesh patel on Blank Business Name
rakesh patel

I can't say how enough happy and thankful I am